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A soakaway provides a way for excess wastewater to be collected and dispersed into the surrounding earth from your septic tank. These are usually located outside your property underground, in a suitable location where the wastewater from your septic tank can infiltrate into the surrounding soil. 


Failure symptoms: 

  • Blockages can form in your soakaway if inappropriate items are flushed down the toilet (nappies, sanitary products, wipes).

  • Surface water should not enter the drainage field, this may overload the system hindering the breakdown of solids. ​​

Our Soakaway Services 

We provide high quality, low-cost services for both domestic and organic drainage to ensure your septic system is working efficiently. 

  • Soakaway installation and maintenance - We can design, install and maintain soakaways for you, taking into account the size and type of property, the number no residents, and the porosity of the soil (to ensure it drains well).

  • Soakaway unblocking - Sludge can accumulate over time in soakaway pipes causing flooding and damage. Using our high-pressure jets we can quickly and easily clean and clear away blockages. We can also use CCTV drain inspections to identify any problems or damage in your soakaway. 

  • Soakaway repair or replacement - Older soakaways may stop working effectively. If this happens we can repair or replace the system if necessary. 

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