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Septic Tanks


Septic Tanks

A septic tank provides a solution to sewage disposal needs for many homes where main drains and sewage pipes are not accessible. Older properties and those in rural areas are less likely to be connected to a main drains system, therefore the sewage from your home will flow directly into a septic tank, cesspit or sewage treatment plant that is installed outside your property.

How Often to Empty your Septic Tank

Your septic tank should be emptied dependent upon the level of use. Generally, our customers book in for their septic tank emptying every 6 months. (check). 

Routine maintenance for your septic tank system should involve emptying to remove solids and sludge. This helps prevent spillage into the environment or damage to your soakaway, drain field or other filtering methods. 

Failure symptoms:

  • Pooling water, a muddy or spongy ground around your septic system or drain field. 

  • A strong smell around the septic tank or drain field. 

  • Wastewater backing up into your household drains, which may create a strong smell. 

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2020 Septic Tank Regulations:

In 2015 the government introduced new rules for sewage treatment systems. The rules are designed to reduce the level of pollution from sewage and to improve the quality of water that flows into local watercourses such as a river or stream. If your septic tank does not meet the standards of the new regulations, you may be fined up to £250k.

Our Septic Tank Services 

We provide high quality, low-cost services for domestic drainage to ensure your septic system is working efficiently. 

  • Septic tank emptying and cleaning - We offer routine septic tank emptying and can also provide a cleaning service with our high-pressure water jets to keep your tank and pipework working efficiently.   

  • Septic tank maintenance - We also offer a maintenance service for septic tanks to ensure they are kept in excellent working condition. This may involve replacing associated drains and removing blockages to prevent backups. 

  • Septic tank installations - We can advise on septic tanks for your location and space available and supply and fit septic tank systems that meet 2020 regulations.

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