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A cesspit (cesspool) provides a solution to sewage disposal needs for many homes where main drains and sewage pipes are not accessible. Older properties and those in rural areas are less likely to be connected to a main drains system, therefore the sewage from your home will flow directly into a cesspit, septic tank or sewage treatment plant that is installed outside your property.

How Often to Empty your Cesspit

Unlike a septic tank, a cesspit does not treat sewage and has no outlet for wastewater to drain away. Therefore, they need to be emptied regularly are more likely to become blocked meaning they will need regular maintenance to work efficiently. Under the Water Resources Act (1991) and Public Health Act (1936), your local authority has a right to check that your cesspit is working correctly, this means routine inspections are required. 

Failure symptoms:

  • Overflowing is a common problem with cesspits and can cause cracked walls and punctures leading to external leaks.

  • Wastewater backing up into your household drains, which may create a strong smell. 

  • A strong smell around the tank. 

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Our Cesspit Services 

We provide high quality, low-cost services for domestic drainage to ensure your cesspit system is working efficiently. 

  • Cesspit emptying - Generally, cesspits need to be emptied monthly or quarterly, dependent on the size of your property, size of the tank and number of occupants. Although, it may need to be emptied at any time during these periods to avoid a build-up of solids and overflow. We can empty your cesspit on a scheduled basis or at any other time.  

  • Cesspit installations - If water cannot be discharged through the ground and other sewage options have been considered then we can provide a cesspit installation service to store sewage waste.

  • Cesspit maintenance and cleaning - We offer cesspit maintenance once the tank is emptied. This involves a full high-pressure jet clean, service and repair where necessary. This helps to remove or prevent blockages and keep it working effectively. 

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